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Photographs count

The question with getting your property sold is the same with almost any item : how do I get eyeballs on it ? – The answer is easy, Photographs.

I am talking about high quantity and high quality photos.

I have talked about the Quality of photographs in a prior post Professional Photograph

It is amazing to me when I see a MLS Listing that only has 1 photograph. It is almost always a drive by  photo of the front of the house from across the street, almost as if the agent is a Private Investigator that  is on a stake out. I do understand that if the property is rented and there are uncooperative tenants, it may be the only choice. But, if the listing is that type of listing, it must be at a price that you can get an offer with out seeing the property.

My primary MLS Service is Sandicor and they have a minimum number of photographs and it is 1 photograph. It must be submitted within 72 hours of the listing being on the MLS. It must be of the front of the house (see prior paragraph). Minimum last time I checked would be equivalent to a D- in school, you passed (kind of).

I have seen on some IDX sites have a check box for minimum number of photographs and some of the better sites allow for more then 25 photos that you can manually add to their site for public viewing. Why wouldn’t the agent try to make sure that the listing had enough photos not to be blocked out of those sites and at least give the listing a fighting chance.

There are times which putting up 25 photos would make no sense (i.e. Studio/1 bedroom condo). But, there has to be a way to get 5 photos at a minimum and the larger the property or the land, the more photographs that should be added.

Here are the guidelines that I use

  • Exterior of the property – 1-5+ photos (Condo may only be one photo)
  • Interior, Kitchen – 1-4 photos
  • Interior, Bathroom(s) – 1-2 per Bathroom (I never like how they look but they show the condition)
  • Interior, Living Spaces – 1-3 per space (Living Room,Family Room, Dining Area, Bedrooms)
  • Interior, Views – 0-5+ (If the only view is of the wall next door, zero(0) )

So, it should be easy to get to at least 5-10 photos on even a small condo. The least photos I have had on a listing is 8. It was a 1 bedroom condo in an older building with no amenities.